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Thanks very much to all my friends who wrote to me. It's been a bit of a rough week in my family but it's good to be back. Graham wrote asking if my grandmother got to meet her new grandson before she `left the room'. Yep, she did. The photo below of my sister Katreina, Lee and Mardy was taken about four days before she `stepped out'.

It's funny how people are with saying someone died. As if saying it is too crass and you have to invent euphamism's. I know Graham is only taking the piss, I've known him long enough to understand what he means but my Dad got a bit funny today when I said the dreaded words `...and when Mardy died' - and corrected me. `She passed on' sounds better' he said. I didn't argue...I think it would have been insensitive considering I was driving at the time and Mum was in the back seat (it was her mum that died). But our culture does confront death in funny ways. To me Death is part of life. It's so inevitable, why deny it?

I was sad at my grandmothers funeral service and shed a few tears. But not as many as I thought I would. I was really quite happy for her. She just didn't want to be here. Full stop. She said it over and over again. She was not enjoying her life and wanted out. I went to the viewing of her body last Friday with some family members and I think it was the best thing to do. When I last saw her alive she looked sad, very old, beaten down and lonely. It was a horrible and sad way to remember her and I didn't want that. But seeing her lying in her coffin in her favorite clothes - she just looked asleep and had twenty years taken off her. There was no more pain and she looked happy. She was just how I remembered her again(except for the yelling bit).

I'm going to include a few photos here from the service in the interests of cultural anthropology. I like seeing how other people live and so this being a significant part of my family's history I thought I might document it. And of course - in my own way.

My grandmother `Mardy',Baby Lee Daniel and my lil sister Katreina. Posted by Hello
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