The French do 3D Animation?!

I thought that would be too demonstrative for them? Oh Rossco you shit stirrer you. They have a proud history of 3D animation. It looks fantastic and is very inventive but you just never see it. Well here's some nice stuff I found. Won't say it's great but I like it visually..I guess that's what they think about Jerry Lewis. Couldn't say the same about Woody Allen though. I've just seen his latest, `Hollywood Endings'. Now I love Woody usually and can generally find something good to say about most of his films but this was absolute shite. Don't get me started. I should write a review I guess but I have a life now and I value it. I do think he needs to get out of New York. He doesn't seem inspired by it anymore. I'll be looking forward to seeing what he does with London in his upcoming film. But if Scarlett Johannson falls in love with his character in the movie I'm personally going to take a contract out on the little fucker. Now go and have a look at this French animation before I put my head scarf on and go to school. Click here and Bon appetite!

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