It's ended up being a sad day...

I've just found out my Grandmother `Mardy' passed away this morning so I'll be off up to `The Bay' for a bit. It wasn't unexpected and although it's sad she's not here anymore and I love her with all my heart, it's kind of for the best as she wasn't enjoying her time here anymore.

She couldn't do the things she wanted to do like gardening and cooking and travelling and she ended up at a place she didn't ever want to end up in, a nursing home. I got to see her last a couple of weeks ago and though it was lovely(she seemed very sparky,which she hadn't been in a while), it was so sad having to leave her there, sitting by herself at the window.

She would do anything for anyone and frequently did. She raised a large family of children and a lot of them weren't even hers, through the depression, the second world war and after. There's been a fair bit of shit happening in our family that I won't dwell on but, it's sad and I'm not even sure why it's happened. When I was a kid I remember a big,happy extended family that spent a lot of time together and not just at Christmas. I thought some time and distance would illuminate but not so far.

Still n all, Mardy was human and I guess if she had a main fault it was spoiling with love. Unfortunately there are a few selfish people in the family who took advantage of that trait even up till the end but that's their problem and they will answer for that in their own way. So really you can't fault anyone who loves too much.

She loved travelling around Australia and made lots of friends. She fossicked for opals and sapphires, she fished, she loved her food and loved cooking and growing it,she liked a party,never drank to excess but got the giggles a few times. I don't think there's a vegetable around she didn't have a crack at growing. She was a strong, hardy, good humoured country woman. Blunt, no nonsense, practical, very,very loving and I will miss her terribly. She's at home with her mum,Fuff,Vida,Tom,Darkie and Dar now and I know she's happy.

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