Look honey! There's a giant gorilla climbing the Empire State Building.

I hope that line or `now there's something you don't see every day' is in Peter Jackson's new film of King Kong. If it were any other film maker doing this remake I'd be yawning. But even judging by the teaser poster you can get some sort of an idea that this could be a couple of good hours in the dark come Christmas next year.
A website has just gone online following the production over in Willungtun, Nuw Zealund ("Weir dud you git the muney frum Jenut Frame? My Dud gave ut to me!")
Click here to visit Kong is King.net. They even have a clip of Peter Jackson (who looks like he's lost some weight) on set welcoming you to the production. Which is very nice.

mmmmm, big monkeys on phallic symbols. Posted by Hello
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