A Pointing and Staring Competition

Here it is. The winner of the first `pointing and staring' competition found in this weeks Newcastle Star Newspaper.
For me it wins not because the Librarian is pointing at an inanimate object but because she is staring at the young lass `at the bench' in an obvious attention seeking way. As if to say, `Look! We're special now, we have a computer,no more of your supercillious comments, get out before I deck you one you hypocritical bitch...I'll be home at seven, is there anything you want me to pick up at Bi Lo on the way home?' You see, there's a story going on there behind the image. Not just some lame attempt to get people into Libraries so as to justify their existance. Personally. I think they're on a winner with this campaign. Posted by Hello
Ross Carroll1 Comment