The eyes of the world are on Australia this weekend, hope they don't get crosseyed.

It's that time again when all good Australian Citizens exercise their Democratic duty and avoid being fined for not voting. This years election looks certain to be quite close and should be very interesting politically (for a change).

How will Peter Garret, former lead singer of Midnight Oil, Greenie, born again Christian and newly minted Labour candidate poll in the seat he moved to just a short time before the election began? Will he move back to his old area if he looses? Will Malcom Turnbull, Born again Greenie, Mechant Banker, Republican and the man who introduced `Branch Stacking' as a contact sport to the Liberal Party gain a seat? If he doesn't, does that mean we don't get to hear of him ever again? We can only wish.

Of course this election means a lot to and is being looked at closely by eyes far from our shores. Tony Blair and George Bush will be watching intently to see if John Howard stays at Kirrabillie -(For my non Australian readers that's our version of the White House...but with a better view). Howard as a politician never apologises for anything or blinks in the face of opposition which politically is something Tony Blair could perhaps learn from. George Bush of course never blinks either but then no one notices anyway because they're giggling at his cross eyes.

Here then is a little photo essay on my day today. Performing my Civic Duty.

Nugget weighs up the issues...hmmm, `Scientists find evidence of connection between bad puns, Journalists and mental retardation according to study'
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