Forrst you get de sugarrr, den you get de wimin!

Or words to that effect. I've had to put something up here to push down those hideous pictures of the Michael Jackson Mask. It scares the shit out me let alone some kiddies. (and anyway, Michael never had sex with those kids, he made love to them).

No here's something, potentially scarrier and certainly funnier, (wait till you scroll down to the Klingons and you'll understand) It's a link to a page with photo's of a parade in San Francisco recently called the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" parade. I think this lady below is promoting a `laughter is the best medicine' benefit.

Lizzie felt her time volunteering at the Centre for Autistic kiddies had allowed her own inner child to emerge from it's cocoon and calmly place coloured wooden blocks into symetrical patterns. Posted by Hello
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