He's a Witch! Throw him in the pond!!

More pointing and staring pics. This time, while bumping into things after three coffees, I felt all Max Dupain like and went wandering around Newcastle Beach.

I was having a great time and had literally started giggling, (I sometimes think of the captions while taking a photo), when a young bloke came over and began accusing me of taking picures of his girlfriend. Anyway to cut a long story short I was a bit shocked and suprised...and then angry, remonstrating with the young fellow and telling him to fuck off and to be careful about going around making stupid, baseless accusations about people. Off he went but I was bit outraged and shaken up.

Then the Life Saver on duty came over and asked what was going on and what was I taking photo's of. He was very professional about it all. I was still a bit flustered and told him...well, you can see the evidence below, `I'm a graphic artist, I'm just taking pictures, of people, buildings, whatever!" I started getting angry about having to explain myself but then he told me about blokes taking pictures of girls on the beach etc and the lengths to which they'll go, banning mobile phones and all that. I mean you read about this stuff but the reality of it can be shocking, especially when you're publically accused of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a pervert, but I'm not that type of pervert.

The funny thing was I started feeling guilty about something I didn't do or even think about doing - ("Paging Dr Freud!!") So that was that! Hello to the Life Saver bloke if you happen to log on - That was my bit of drama for the day. Yes I know, if that's all you get in life you're doing well.

We have arrived at interesting times though hey? Everyone seems kinda tense. Like the Collective Unconcious is waiting for something big to go down and it's been waiting for just a bit.....too......long. The world seems to need a good neck & shoulder rub. Personally, during such times, I turn to Jesus. My plastic baby Jesus I have stuffed into my Bourbon Decanter. Ahhh `Bourby Jesus.' You have the cure for the work-a-day blues. You want ice with that?

If you look closely, you can make out on the window of the tenth floor up, second back from the left, Local Newreader, Ray Dineen's flattened impression on the glass. Contact me after hours to see photo's of the `incident'. Posted by Hello
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