Lynch news??

This little item popped up at Dark Horizons today and that's all I can find for the moment. I'm a bit sceptical because a look at the Herald Sun website lists no article like this. In an interview with today's Herald-Sun, Australian actor Kick Gurry - who briefly appeared in "Buffalo Soldiers", and had a lead role in Alex Proyas's "Garage Days" - reveals that he's snagged a role in David Lynch's next "renegade-style" movie.

Renegade style movie...hmmm. The last I heard was that Mr Lynch was doing an all CGI movie, which might have looked amazing. I'll keep my fellow Lynch fans posted. I'm going to go sleuthing at a couple of sites to see if they have any more info.

Nugget out...

Update: I've just had a good trawl about the net and a big search of the Herald Suns website and can find no info on this new Lynch movie. So it sounds like the above story is crap. Some good news is that the entire Series of Twin Peaks will be released probably around this time next year as the right revert back to Paramount pictures in Sept 05 and I found a few articles where they said they wanted to re-release the first series along with the pilot and the second and third series concurrently. Also the French company with the rights to Fire Walk with Me are still trying to talk Mr Lynch into releasing the fully restored version of this film. I.e; all of the deleted scenes put back in and the film as Mr Lynch intended it to be. Word is that the film is much better and makes more sense...but is that a good thing with a Lynch movie?
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