New from Jeunet

I reckon this bloke is one of the best film makers working at the moment. It's been a while since Amelie and thankfully (and true to form) he hasn't repeated himself.

Here's a link to the trailer for his new filum `UN LONG DIMANCHE DE FIANCAILLES' or `A very long engagement' as I think it will be known in English.

This one looks like one to take the tissue box to (but I'll lay you odds it won't be sappy). Oh and of course it stars the gorgeous Audrey Tautou. (who absolutely melts me), here's the plot outline -
"France, January 1917. Five soldiers are sentenced to death by a war council for self-mutilation. Hands tied behind their backs, they are sent to the enemy lines in order to be killed. They will try to survive for one day and one night. The younger one was not 20 yet. At the end of the war, his young disabled fiancee will fight to discover the truth behind this tragedy and find him, may he be dead or alive."

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