No more 2D from Disney

It's raining cats and dogs here in Newcastle. Which is good for the countryside but not the streets. You think they make a mess on roads when they get hit? Pfftt, when you're confronted with the reality of animals that have dropped from high altitudes onto sharp objects,roads and people n stuff, well it's messy and can be very traumatic.

It's school holidays at the moment, so to take the kiddies minds off lifes harsh realities, Wally Wilbert and I took his three kids and his almost autistic, alergic to everything nephew, (dressed as Batman), to see `Home on the Range'. (man, is that kid gunna cop it when he starts school - I just had the Batman costume when I was a kid and that was hard enough).

This is Disney's final 2D family movie and I've been looking forward to seeing it. Graphically it's beautiful. Rich, contrasting colours. A western, angular look with lots of paint flecking througout the backgrounds and not a single John Wayne joke or reference - at last! Though there was plenty of Clint Eastwoods and one great Slingblade reference. Kids at least know who Clint is.

It starts well. There are some good songs and it's funny. But it does loose it a bit at the always tricky three quarter mark. There's a few scenes where you literally feel the life draining out of the film. It's biggest letdown is the story. It's been done to death. Oh Boy! Another save the farm story...again! No wonder Western's never do too good. They never have the guts to try a different storyline. Save the farm!? Bloody hell, did they hire an Australian scriptwriter for this one?

Other than that it's a good, fun, brilliantly designed and animated Disney movie with flashes of originality and written by a commitee. I had some higher expectations for this movie than it delivered...but I still liked it.

Anyway, that's what I reckon.

Hey City kids! This is where your food comes from. Cute lil duckys and chookies and piggies all hacked to death by gummy people with big blunt knives. Now go to bed. Posted by Hello
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