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Hooo Boy! Just back from an almighty piss-up with my mates at Kirrabillie. Say what you will about the Howards but when that screw cap comes off the bottle it's all bets on hold. Jeanette does the scariest Bill Clinton impersonation,(it's just soooo spot on). And John had some ribald stories about Malcom Fraser that kept us chuckling for minutes. I like how he's managed to control the specks of spit when he tells a story now. It used to be really awkward seeing the white bits gather about in the corners of his mouth.

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Ahhh, and aren't the left stewing away now? My god I think Allan Ramsey in the Sydney Morning Herald is going to blow a poofer valve! He's all but come out and said the Australian population are bunch of ignorant fucking idiots for not agreeing with him. Now there's a man in touch with the Australian population.

Here's my analysis; Howard and the coalition won the election because of the economy and issues dirived from it. Anything else (like refugee's) is just a diversion and quite irrelevant - except to the left where `everything matters man!'

Howard is riding a socioeconomic wave, built up by Labor from days of workers rights and 38 hour weeks to the kids of those workers now prospering and wanting to keep the benefits of their labor. Labor finally understood this (it's something Latham had been sprouting about long before he became leader of the opposition), but they were beaten to it by Howard who addressed these issues and made them his own before Labor could. It's this group of people, looking for economic and personal safety in a post 9/11 world who've turned for a sense of comfort and stability to evangelical community groups, communtity volunteer organisations and patriotism. And they are normal, ordinary people with no reason or personal need to make a big fuss, who just want to get on with their lives and do well in it. Which is why you didn't hear too much from them.

Then there's the Left; The detritus of the Baby Boomers and the 70's. The mainstream left has splintered because of Labor's efforts to address the new conservatism of their members versus the `True Believers'. Latham's efforts in Tasmania were an explicit example of this. If Schizophrenia can be defined as misfiring synapsis' jumping between different points and connections like a water hose flipping about on the lawn then this is the Labor party at present.(I don't know if it is but it sounds good).

To many people, Labor represents `pie in the sky' schemes (ie; Medicare Gold - Pffft!), unrestrained spending with little fiscal accounatability and community breakdown due to "farcical political correctness" & no community responsability or discipline. Plenty of social `understanding' but no real-life efforts to address the matters and to treat all issues with kid gloves so as not to offend anyone.

I'm you're classic swing voter. I address issues rather than ideologies, which I find, like most religions, to be tiresome, dogmatic and not conducive to freedom of thinking. I did at one stage count myself as left wing but after reading up on issues outside of the relm of the left, thinking and weighing up different issues, I came to the conclusion that the left were just as big a bunch of liars as they accused the right of being. This really galled and appalled me because as far as the Left were concerned, they sat at the foot of `Gaia' and were the `True Believers'. I like the blatant `ratbaggery' of the right who make no apologies about being two faced politically and at least have a sense of humour...yes it's very dry. You could argue that `The Chaser' team demonstrate the opposite but you could also argue as to whether the Chaser team is funny as well. (Hit and miss for me) Still, they show up Tony Abbot and that's not a bad thing.

I'm sure I'm part of a trend of many people disaffected by the lies of the left and the growing radicalism of the Green movement. Ahh yes, the Greens. Well, the hardcore left wing had to scurry somewhere didn't they? Does anyone who wasn't born in the eighties remember when Greenpeace was a consensus organisation? Not a confrontational group of unmoving, antihuman, antitechnology idealogues?
But lets not go there today kiddies, it is a scary place and it smells aweful.

One thing is certain from the election...for good and bad, the Liberals won and the ALP will wander about pointing and staring at things until they find their light on the hill again.
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