A real life Superhero has died

It doesn't happen often that an actor transcends the part he plays and becomes a literal representation of that character. This may sound corny but as a kid, Superman mean't the world to me. He was my escape and when the movie came out, Christopher Reeve made real what Superman stands for (no not the `Truth, Justice and the American way' bit. The Human bits that idealistic young boys look for and hope to be as a man when they grow up).

And then he had an accident (Bloody horses). And where other people might have given up and withered away, he kept going and he fought back - just like Superman would have. He took on the attributes of the Character he played and succeeded. He inspired others, he amazed his doctors with the recovery he made and used his celebrity to raise money for spinal injury research. He was a pretty amazing bloke from the sounds of it. He kept acting & he was about to begin directing a feature length animation on top of the regular exercise he did each day (I can't even do that last bit). But mainly he sounded like he was a really nice bloke.

Superman died today.

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