Sims go fecken' Nutso!

Bugger me senseless and leave me on the street at 4am - I didn't know you could do this with the Sims! I have to admit I've really not taken that much of an interest in the shooting. However what I do love about games is trying `not' to play it. Example...I like to drive against the crowd in car racing games. I once spent an entire game trying to smash down the gates of a house so I could rape Australian racer, Dick Johhnson's daughters...that kind of shit. Hell, it beats playing the bloody things. I'm not the most competative person in the world.

And the Sims? Well I came across this page today and my evil side did chortle with desire and glee. This guy built a room, put two people in it with one seat, a fireplace and a picture of a clown and no exit. Things go nuts from there. Go here and read and look. It's very a delightful way.

Death, clowns and Flamingo's, What a game! Posted by Hello
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