Corny Jokes concerns blogging community. Missile strikes immanent.

The Whitehouse, Washington DC: Newly reelected President George W Bush today was congratulated by world leaders with their fingers crossed behind their backs, in a marathon telephone hookup. Only Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard was genuinely effusive and happy for his bestest friend since leaving High School.

President Bush was reported to have commented to Prime Minister Howard that the US election result almost mirrored Australia's recent election polling effort where the Prime Minister was reelected with an increased majority and a decimated opposition.

"It's just like what happened to you John except without the robots..." giggled the ebullient President. The two leaders will meet again soon in Chile where they will join with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to again snicker and guffaw at the other leaders funny accents together.

"I'm bushier, healthier, well waterder and I don't have any aphids" said a newly reelected President Bush today celebrating with his family. Posted by Hello
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