Flop movie to be renamed...

Hollywood,California: In an unprecendented move, Director Robert Zemekis has decided to rename his latest blockbuster in an attempt to bolster profits on what may be one of Hollywoods biggest financial flops.

"I think the name change more accurately reflects the content of the film, how people percieve it and really, I think it adds more mystery to it. People like mystery. Just look how `Law and Order' and `CSI' rate." Said the Thirteen year old Director yesterday.

The Polar Express will now be known as `Christmas of the Living Dead'. "We've made a few tweaks but nothing serious". Said actor Tom Hanks who plays every part in the film. "It's now about a bunch of dead kids who are taken by train to heaven where they meet Santa Claus. It's a very spiritual story that we think acurately reflects the Christmas message of giving and recieving" The eighty five year old landmark revealed. When asked if he had any misgivings about the changes Hanks replied through a modern dance interpretor "Hey! I'm just an actor. Bob says jump, I say how high and tell him how much it will cost."

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