Git back to work infidels!

Goodness but it's dark outside. Hello folks remember me? I'm somewhat sorry for the lack of postings. This animation gig involves supervising a large group of Indian folk, many without fingers, to draw and animate my cartoon. I'm impressed by their keenness to work and the way they beg for water and to see relatives every few days.

So far, I've taught them to move coloured matchsticks around and to photograph each change in movement. I still don't think they have got their heads around the concept of perpetual motion but I don't really care what they learn so long as they make me look good. And I have to say...with a few unsaid reservations, that I reckon they've done an alright job. Judge for yourself from the image below.

Still it's not all work here at the homestead. It is for the Indians but not for me.
Later this week I'll put up some, ha haaa, whacky photo's of how I spent Melbourne Cup day and if you're very lucky, a photo of my penis under a bus wheel.

...and the moon was Bert. Posted by Hello
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