My boogies don't have blood in them anymore!

Ahoy! I've been quite the busy phlem pot lately. Below is scene I've been building and animating this past week for `My Hampster'. A really complicated one it was, what with all those bottles and blurry hands and pumping mother beetles. It looks great on the old timeline.

What have I been up to otherwise? Other than working on the cartoon...that's about it! I did go to see the Newcastle short film awards...which really should be renamed because of the complete absence of celluloid. Congratulations to Jamie Lewis, Glenn Coggan and Michael Tippet for `The Fan'. It scooped the pool awards wise and justly so. It's a really well done little comedy suspense piece, excellently shot, acted, scripted and mixed. It towered over the others which I have to say...were not too good. I confess I left early (as soon as the films were shown). The thought of being nice to people who's films I couldn't stand was exruciating so I bailed, went home and animated. (Sorry Doug and Simone, I still don't know what your's was about... Were the socks dirty? Is that why the old lady was crying? And what the fuck was with the kitten?)

I promise to get some more meaningless pics up this week too. I know how people like them and enjoy the feeling of moist ones resting on their bellies until they're cold.

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