Grooven the Moo!

I went to Gloucester last weekend. Basically to point and stare, soak up the ambiance of the area and get some ideas for artwork for `Grooven the Moo'. And what's Grooven the Moo? See below for details or click here

The local Gloucester Showground where `Grooven the Moo', A rock concert of udderly huge proportions will be staged on April 23rd, 2005. Guest artists will include `The Screaming Jets', `Jebidiah', `The Casanova's', `The Spazzys', `Betchdupa', `Sender' and Local RSL President, Ted Dowling and his singing terrier - `Biff'. Click here to join the Mailing list and be kept up to speed with what's happening with Grooven the Moo! Posted by Hello
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