New Years Eve Photo's from the Howard family in Kirrabillie.

Ahhh New Years Eve. A time of hope and optimism. Will I get a girl drunk enough to score with? (well, it hasn't happened yet but then, thats where the optimism part comes in). Will I drink enough to enjoy myself or just go straight to the blues? (This year? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy) Promise to start an exercise regime resulting in a body not unlike the kiddies on a Calvin Kline commercial (now that is optimism!) and just hope that pub brawls do their bit for the Dawinian theory of sorting out the yobbo's from the gene pool.

If I've realised anything this year, (apart from I'm best off doing my own thing rather than someone elses')It's that adults are still kids but just try and act adult because they think it's the only way people will take them seriously. Thankfully I've never had that problem. (well, I tried it for the last six years or so but it's not me - phew!)

I had a great New Years and Christmas this year. New babies, Austrians, wonderful friends and a beautiful new house can do that. Now it's time to start on that Calvin Kline body.

George Clooney in his favorite `Peter Ustinov' outfit molests a perky Dakota Fanning at swish LA nightclub - Naselworks.  Posted by Hello
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