2nd Poster done!

Ahhh that's better. All finished. Here then is the second poster for Groovin the Moo which I hear is going swimingly and looks set to be the biggest thing to hit Gloucester since Sir Edmund Hillary walked `tossle to the wind' up the main Street in 1978 after a few too many `Pims' at the Roundabout Hotel. (or as it was known in those days as `The Trough').

If you're in Newcastle you may see some of these posters popping up as the promotion company doing a lot of the grunt work, so to speak, liked them so much, they want to use them. And so they bloody should.

Don't forget. You will be able to buy these posters at various sizes as well as T-shirts and waffle pouches for every occasion at the concert. Have you bought your tickets yet? No? Well you're a lazy bloody mongrel! Did you know busses will be running between Newcastle and Gloucester and Taree and Gloucester? You didn't? How the hell did you finish school? Jeez, I thought I was dumb. Hey wait a minute. I am!
Well now that we've cleared that up, I'm off to do a poo.

Mannnn! This is like, so totally Bovine! Posted by Hello
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