A night on the tiles with Peter Jackson

I've been quiet on the ole blog lately but that's only because I've been quiet.
Yesterday, my personal trainer Graham and I travelled by electricity to Sydney to stare at Peter Jackson. Or at least what's left of him. The little fella has lost a lot of weight and it was a bit of shock to see him in person. He always seemed so roly poly and soft but now he's all angular and short.

Besides that though he did seem to be very down to earth and not at all stuck up.
So what happened?
This is what happened. With Three weeks of filming left on King Kong to complete (green screen stuff of Naomi Watts with Kong according to Mr Jackson)as a way of saying thanks to the Powerhouse Museum, He gave a talk on the making of Lord of the rings at the State Theatre in Sydney.

A very softly spoken David Stratton introduced him to a very loud applause. Briefly, He talked about making his first film `Bad Taste' on Sundays with friends over a seven or so year period. He gave us the long version on how the Lord of the Rings came to be (and it was touch and go from what he related). There was some stuff about the current Status of King Kong and how Andy Sirkus who did Golum is prepping now to do King Kong with only three weeks of filming left.

The best stuff though was his personal blooper reel. This wasn't just actors fluffing lines and stuff (although there was some of that) this was priceless footage of Ian McKellan lowering the crown onto Aragorn's head wearing a high on the head blonde wig decorated with flowers welcoming him to a long line of Queens. Merry and Pippin `sprung' in their trailer comparing penis sizes and trying to hide their male blow up doll, Aragorn telling Theodon that one day his face will be scanned in darkness and made into little toys for children to play stupid games with. Aragorn pulling a machine gun out from his cloak and firing it at Sauron yelling `...And this ones for Frodo you fucker!!' There was a scene where Legolas, Aragorn and Gimli go to the edge of Fangorn Forest:
Aragorn: The tracks lead into Fangorn Forest.
Gimli: Fangorn!
Legolas: What the fuck are they doing in there?

It was very very funny (yes you had to be there), but it really looked like they had a shit load of fun making the movie and trying to crack each other up. Viggo Mortenson and Bernard Hill (Aragorn and Theodon) and the two blokes who played Merry and Pippin seemed to have the most fun and the best lines.

And then after all that. We left the theatre to return home and came across a whole bunch of people crowding around the poor little bloke at the stage door getting autographs off him. I tried to get some pictures but only one came out.

A night out with Peter Jackson, two idiots in Sydney and no money to spend at the Cross. Lucky we brought sandwiches. Posted by Hello
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