Eddie Maquire welcomes Austrian's home.

It's been a very sad week here in Nugget Land with my lovely Austrian family; Stefan, Sandra and Amelie heading back home after six happy months here. By now they are back in the pointy land of Schnitzels und beer, dancing like the Von Trapp's, scoffing down chocolate and singing and yodeling like only Austrians with a `skinful' can.

I already miss them terribly and know they had a wonderful time here because it's what they seemed to be saying through the windows of the Customs Van that the large gentlemen with the chains and keys threw them into...or it might have been `Help us!'
I'll have to think hard on that one....did you know they have `Who wants to be a millionaire?' in Austria? I didn't know Eddie Maquire could speak German...is there nothing that man can't do?

I may look happy but inside I'm crying my eyes out. Posted by Hello
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