The Moo was totally Bovine

Just like some kind of thing what happens then so too did Groovin' the Moo.If that sound's confusing then you're trying too hard to be not in the headspace of those that are. And if that doesn't help, then don't worry, it's all Bovine man - err woman...sorry.

The very first Groovin' the Moo was a great success and there was
no brown acid. Our collective hearts go out to the 91 people who were busted by the mongrel dog sniffing squad. The cops were tops that day but really, some people just don't want to sniff dogs! Yeah I know it's illegal to have any mull (eeek! Mull!) but surely the coppers would have preferred a group of happy, giggling, hungry and mellow stoners to drunken teens getting silly and stroppy - I know call me old fashioned but in MY DAY!!!

Aside from that - the bands loved the crowds and the crowds loved the bands. Nugget's award for stand out bands? Well I really enjoyed Dirty Pink Jeans, the Screaming Jets were great fun and there's only one reason to see Killing Heidi (and it's not the music). But the biggest suprise were the Retro Rockets. This band suprised everyone and made a heap of new fans that day. If they're in your area, don't hesitate, go see them, they're great fun. Here's a link to their tour dates and website.

If you missed out on getting a tshirt or posters, don't despair, they'll be available to buy online very soon at the Groovin' the Moo website. Buy heaps because Warren and I get a cut of it (hey! an artist's gotta pay bills and loan sharks!).

Killing Heidi's lead singer, Ella Hooper(centre right) poses with local cattle traders and Rock and Roll enthusiasts. Posted by Hello
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