New Euphemisms For Female Self-Love

I just had to steal this. It was too good.
For more or less of the same click here and
visit I've only just found it
and am investigating - so far...very funny.

22: Squashing The Squid

21: Rub-A-Dub-Deb

20: Conducting The Furharmonic

19: Dialing 'O' On The House Phone

18: Punishing The Dwarf

17: Romancing The Sharon Stone

16: Blinding Willie Nelson

15: Visiting Mound Zero

14: Tickling The Hut Slug

13: Beating The Rug / Shampooing The Carpet

12: Making Fruit-At-The-Bottom Yogurt

11: Ringing The Devil's Doorbell

10: Checking The Oil

9: Basting The Legless Turkey

8: Wacking The Wooly Waft-Wagon

7: Parting The Pink Sea

6: Playing Frontgammon

5: Waxing The Lap Turtle

4: Tiptoeing Through The Two Lips

3: Baking Moan Muffins

2: Making Joy Cheese

1: Fishing Lake Cuntario