mmmm Gadget Lust.

Here's a nice lil bugger that's got my heart racing. The Creative Zen Vision. It's not out yet but go here and see a preview. It plays video,music,FM radio,has a mic,organiser, 20gig of memory and a slot for more and it doesn't look that much bigger than an ipod (and won't break down as much).

I want one of these with a set of wireless bluetooth headphones.
I can see me now, red, shiny gum boots, my old `Jaws' y-front undies I bought at K mart in 76 with the shark on the front (chomp!) a singlet with `Coolio' written in black texta on the front and struttin' my stuff down the Main Street watching old reruns of the Magic Spanner show. I'll look like a king I tell you! Or something to scare the kiddies.

Mmmmmm, Lusty goodness. Posted by Hello