Why do we fall? Gravity...?

I saw Batman Begins last night.
Now I love me big boofy films. I don't mind that Hollywood studio's spend millions on these while people are starving or suffering in some way. This is entertainment we're talking about, it's far more serious.

They really nailed Batman for me in this. After seeing some of what's coming in `Superman Returns' on the net & currently shooting in Sydney - (Batman and Superman were always my favorite superhero's
...especially Supes). I think I think it's possible to see how they're going to dovetail together eventually when they do `Superman Vs Batman'.

Batman Begins is great entertainment. Intelligent, exciting, tense, emotional and true to the comic book origins. Everything is so dramatically logical in it. Why he becomes Batman. Why he has to wear the suit. How the `Batcave'was built. Not once is anything referred to as a `Batarang' or `Batmobile' etc. It's fantastic, but still grounded in reality. The backstory to the character is psychologically shown and is quite believable.

It's all about Batman too. The previous movies were all about the villains which I never understood. Why? Batman himself is far more interesting and he sure is in this.Christian Bale is great as Batman. And none of the other actors, although very well known like Michael Caine or Morgan Freeman and Garry Oldman, overshadow him.

Ten out of ten for me and because I'm a big supporter of charities,
I want to give more money to Warner Brothers and see it again.
Ross CarrollComment