1st Floor - Stationary, T-Shirts and Merchandise... Going up!

What do you need?! A unique and special gift? Something to hang on the wall? A Trendy T-Shirt that no one else has? Well step on up then!

Ich bin ein retailer! We are all Shop owners! I am now in retail. My folks will be so proud. Now intead of changing the subject, they can tell their friends their son has a shop. No wife yet...but this is almost as good.

First up! Dinky Bo Bo and Mr Shiny products. I've a great range of T-Shirts, Mugs, Sweatshirts, Golf Shirts, underwear and much more! Then there's my Digital illustration of `The Man with a Cabbage on his head' (which if you really must know is quite a deep picture and has lots of meanings but I'm keeping them to myself). You can buy framed prints, Postcard sets, Posters and Callenders. I've also included a range of framed pictures and postcards of a selection of my Digital Photographs.

So why not head over to my shop by clicking the Shopping button above and then climb on board Ces Peter's Patented Electric Sheep for the ride over to the Store. Then get out the ole Credit Card and Shop away!
I had a think and decided that Ces Peter's Electric Sheep was a bit superfluous so now when you click the shopping link above you go straight to my shop. Happy shopping kids!