Powered by the whispy breath of air displaced from between the firm, clenching buttock cheeks of Teddy `Tic Tock' Tickle, former Half Forward for Souths in the `62' Grand Final, comes the work of Newcastle's Best Photographer - Ric Woods.

It's been well worth the wait. Ric has a good range of his work online now except for the nudie stuff, which he assures me will be there ASAP. And lets face it, really, all jokes aside now. That's all we care about - no, no. You know it's true.

Members and Guest's. Ric's work is a tribute to the dark erotisism hidden deep in the fetid public toilet within all Australians. He captures the true Australian spirit of public nudity with a technical skill equalled only by that of the late, great Clarrie Tuffnell who taught Ric everything he knew about `blow' valves and `Gurnsey Brother' Camera Lenses. These are the only photographic lenses being made from compressed Lino strips in Clapham, England and still very rare and prolific.

You'll tell your grandchildren about this site one day. Posted by Picasa