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I'm probably going to be laughed at by you rev head bike nuts out there, yes, I'm thinking of you Woods, but I'll soldier on because this sort of stuff excites me. (we won't go into what else does as I'm trying to attract a family audience to this site..though I think I've failed with the previous entry)

I've just seen this on Gizmondo a blog dedicated to gadgets. It's the worlds first hydrogen cell bike and they'll be available next year. I love stuff like this. I may be a right winger now in my middle age but I like modes of transport that don't use petrolium. Really we should have moved on from the internal combustion engine years ago. If it weren't for the evil Arabs and Oil companies we'd all be driving Jetson style space cars powered by Dylithium Chrystals by now. They're holding us back! Why won't they let us be free?! I was so looking forward to driving space cars by 2001.
Here's what Gizomndo says about these bikes. You have a read, I'm going to go to bed and cry (and dream of what could have been, sniff!)
"Each bike runs on a single 1kw hydrogen fuel cell generator, which they’ve dubbed the Core. It provides power on-demand and is paired up with a battery pack for a hybrid combo that boosts the performance up to 6kw. The Core is even detachable, and has the ability to power up motoroboats and small houses(!!). Fully filled, this thing can speed along up to 4 hours and can go as fast as 50mph. And since they run on fuel cell technology, that means clean emissions, a quieter ride, and no need for “rider skills” — there are no gears, just press the throttle and away you go."

See these bikes? They're the future man. Posted by Picasa
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