Ohhhh Rocky!

This is a pic I meant to put up a while ago but forgot. So better late than never, a page from a Star Wars colouring-in book. Remember the scene where Darth Vader goes to interrogate and torture Princess Leia? What did happen in that room? Would it have been incestuous in some way? Sure, Darth didn't know at that time he was torturing his daughter,(and doesn't he look so proud and menacing there) does that make it better though? So many questions George. Was Star Wars perhaps the most unintentionally kinky film ever made or is that crown still belong to Citizen Kane? Food for thought customers, food for thought. Now take your face out of that custard tart and put it back in the display.

"Now Princess...let me get a grip of those hair buns of yours and ram my message home". Posted by Picasa
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