My civic duty.

I feel it is my duty to warn anyone who is going to purchase a Linksys Wireless G, Adsl router,(model no WAG54G) - Dont!

I've been pretty lucky with computer gear. I always try to research as much as I can before I buy...which is pretty good for an inveterite impulse buyer like me. But this one slipped through my fingers. Why? Mainly, it's poor design. The interface to set this thing up is the most needlessly complex setup and I hates it's tricksyness precious.

Remember, this is mean't to be something for the home and small why is it so hard to set up? Surely they have software engineers who can create a nice simple interface, tell you what to put in where and let the software do the hardwork. Nice, happy, secure ADSL. But no. We have lots of technical gobbldygook and fields to fill in.

Not even my mate Dougy who is a tech wizz and gets off on challenges such as this has been entirely successful. He set it up once. Then there was a problem and for the past few months my wireless has been wired all over the house...exactly what I was trying to avoid.

And I get many visitors to my house who have wireless laptops who cannot easily just connect to the home broadband either! Ahhhhhh! Another reason why I bought it and it's failed me!

I am going to buy a new one...and make sure the set up is nice and easy (if any one can recomend an easy to setup and maintain pc wirless router please do,)But before I do that I just thought I should warn the masses about this model. I have no idea if other Linksys routers are like this - if they are, stay away from them. And I thought Linksys was a very popular, reliable company...which was part of the reason I thought it would be good. Usually technology makes me happy, today, It makes me sad.
Ross CarrollComment