Family Picnic

Gumpins, Wilberts and assorted social wannabee's such as myself had a `catch-up' picnic in King Edward Park a couple of months ago and here are some pics of the day. They don't really mean much to the general public but I quite liked some of the photo's I took, what with the warm glow of instant nostalgia I infused them with and all.
`Smudge' Wilbert asks her father quietly for the keys to the Thermo-Nuclear device parked in the driveway.

`Smudge' Wilbert experiences the uphill battle of the downhill slope.

Crips Gumpin is overwhelmed to be thought of as a circus performer while her sister `Yo Yo' thanks the audience for their patience.

`Smudge Wilbert' arrives at court.

`Smudge' Wilbert turns to face her accusers in the little publicised court case of Wilf Brummel vs the Crown, wherein the defendant is claiming sanity while all around is insane. (A case she went on to win).

Heretical Auctioneers, Timmy Wilbert and Terry-Towling enthusiast Winkie Block survey the crowd one last time before closing the sale on an authentic 1963 model battery operated Toe-nail applicator.

Crips Gumpin and her `Magnetic North' Mother, Cereal Gumpin make light hearted banter about race-relations in Australia and how her father, `Tar-Baby' Gumpin is always looked at strangely at `Parent/Teacher night'.

`Yo Yo Gumpin' prays to baby Jebus to make her father give up his dreams of starting a business to beat and abuse the wives of non-alchoholic, decent men,("I'll show them churchies - like a fox I am!!").

One of the Wilbert Twins proudly displays the rope he will soon dispatch his elder sister `Smudge' Wilbert with.

`Yo Yo Gumpin' (left) encourages Styler Nexledextrose and her sister, Stencil Nexledextrose to take up African yodeling.

One of the Wilbert boys punches through the poorly researched `Shuffle Barrier'. Similar to the Sound Barrier the Shuffle Barrier is usually the speed where the elderly reach speeds exceeding shuffling to that resembling walking. Unlike the Sound Barrier, no loud noise is heard but a faint musty smell is left behind.

Young `Smudge' Wilbert wins some new friends and promptly discards them like so much crimpolene and tissue paper.

Hetty Dogma Wilbert and her `mail-order' husband Timmy discuss brocolli and it's effects.
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