The rumours are true...

Yeah, I done gone and cut me hair and got real guud englesh with ut. It's been too long hasn't it? No not the hair you idiot. My postings. I promise to try and be more regular with this blog and I've got a fresh box of AllBran to keep me on track. I really enjoy blogging, I just loose focus every now and then with so many sparkly objects in meat-space.

Frankly though there hasn't been that much to write about this month either. It's not that nothing happened. But sometimes you have to shake your head and move on. Comments just seem so trivial. I'm talking about happenings like the Cronulla riot. An enormous episode of stupidity. I don't buy into the racist angle the left and the media are playing up or even the Prime Minister and Opposition leaders `law and order' angle. If they'd just addressed the issue of rude little bullies on the beach none of this would have happened. Which I guess you could argue is the `Law and Order' issue but I see it as a `take some responsibility' issue. The Lebanese community and the so called `Anglo' community both need to address the yobbo factions within and sort them out. As it is these twerps have fallen into the Machiavellian agenda's of either the idiot Left and halfwit Right so there can be no winners, only some bitterly happy political activists.

Huffin' and Puffin'
Yep, that's me as a littlun'. My hair was so bright orange as a baby that if I was left outside on my blanky for any period of time, aeroplanes would taxi up to me. (boom boom!!) I've had a good break this past year - I was somewhat burnt out and really needed time off to recharge the creative batteries and rediscover that creative enthusiasm again. If there's one thing I've learn't, it's that if you are in a creative job, regular breaks `away from the work enviroment' are essential.

So now it's back into it! I'm getting some self-promotional material together to sell myself and what I do and I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago to get myself into shape. I've a lot of weight to loose (50 Kilo) but I'll get there. It's been just on three weeks now since I've joined and I'm already feeling better for it.
After reading this at Boing today I think I may know why.

`Scientists have shown that a new drug that boosts natural levels of endocannabinoids, "the brain's own cannabis," could be useful in treating pain and depression. Scientists from the McGill University Health Centre and Universite de Montreal, have found that URB597 blocks the degradation of endocannabinoids in the brain and in fact increases them. Endocannabinoids are chemicals in the brain that are released when we exercise, triggering specific brain receptors that give you feelings of well-being.'

So this drug sounds like it will have a huge impact for anti-depressants but in the mean time, it's lots of regular exercise to keep the blues away and keep me feeling positive. The trick will be to have a job and keep the exercise going.

And the verdict?
Yes. Kong is King!
I went and saw King Kong yesterday. DO NOT WAIT FOR DVD TO SEE THIS MOVIE!! This is really one for the big screen. You get vertigo during the scenes with Kong on the Empire State Building. It's three hours of unrelenting entertainment on a massive scale. I had a ball. It's not one for the littlies though. There's a scene midway through with a hell of a lot of giant insects that's exciting but a bit intense for the kiddies. This version will go down as a classic as much as the original I reckon. Ten out of ten from me.
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