wow! Ten Billion schmackers!

News just in and this makes me very happy! Disney have just bought Pixar studios for a reported (Au$)9.85 Billion Dollars. The reported deal will make Steve Jobs Disney's biggest shareholder and put him on the board. Pixar will take over Disney animation and on top of that it's reported that John Lasseter will also become the creative head of the Imagineering dept! That's all I've heard at this point but no doubt more of the deal will leak out over the next few days.

The best possible scenario is that Disney's CEO, Robert Iger, will become the `Roy Disney' to Pixar's collective `Walt Disney'. In that I mean the creatives, the visionaries will be allowed to do what they do and the money men will be there to make it happen for them instead of the money men dictating what the creatives can or can't do. I'm so happy that John Lasseter will be the creative head of Imagineering. It looks like Disney will get some of it's magic back.
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