She bought her ticket. I say, let her crash!

Now this is modern art. Contemporary, heartfelt, insightful, oddly repellent and darkly saccharine and yet, strangely...homoerotic. This is an acrylic portrait of convicted drug mule and now former Novacastrian, Bali 9 `Gold Card' Member and Rat, Renae Lawrence available for bidding at ebay. (Oh c'mon, don't give me any of your moral outrage. She's not innocent like Shappelle!)

The bidding optimistically begins at $500 and none of the proceeds go to her but to the artist, DT Nash. She looks so sad in this painting doesn't she? Still, as long as she has a regular supply of `Winnie Blues' and a conveniently found faith in the mighty Jebus, everything will be Tickety Boo. The painting will be a great conversation starter hey? As my old mate Stevie Gumpin is fond of saying, often out of context, "You reap what you sow my friend, you reap what you sow". And as my father says...most often at news footage of Parachutist's with faulty chutes plummeting to their deaths.."Well she won't do that again will she?" Ha ha, no Dad, she really won't.
Ross CarrollComment