Don't you hate it when you're talking to a girl about movies, what you like, don't like etc. The conversation at some point turns to genres and the inevitable, (well for me anyway), Holocaust genre of movies is mentioned.

Now, it was a terrible thing, that much is a given. Not to trivialize but it happened and it was a very dark period in our history. Devastating, bleak and confronting. Boo Hoo. All jokes aside. There are some good Holocaust movies too but lets face it, we never look forward to watching them. We will be interested and engaged intellectually. We will read an article and empathise or see a TV story and sympathize, but somewhere, there's a part of us going `Allllrightythen, lets take a deep breath' before we go to see this new Holocaust movie that everyone's raving about. That then, was where I ended up in the conversation. And to my point.

I hate it when you have been going on about Holocaust movies and what you like and don't like (`Schindlers List' was Amazing, `Life is Beautiful' was crap). And you're just getting into the subject hoping you're making a good impression because she is an attractive girl. When she tells you "My Grandmother was in the Holocaust." (Do you hear a plain diving?) "She watched her sister shot dead in front of her and she's the only surviving member or her family."

Oi vey!
Ross Carroll1 Comment