Time for a rant...

Hello folks.
I've been neglecting the old blog lately (breathe dammit!). It being Easter and all I thought I might have a rant, let some good friends in Europe know where I'm at and scare any kiddies off who stumble onto this blog. At the moment I'm keeping myself busy doing up some posters. I've got this idea in my head that I could make a few quid selling them (and I really liked how this years `Groovin' the Moo' poster came out). So I've dug out a couple of old cartoons I did some ten years ago and resketched them and I'm working them up in Illustrator and Photoshop. I'll sell them at the Moo concerts and online so keep an eye out. I've got a rough idea about where I'm going with them but I think I'll just keep doing them and see what happens.

Coming Soon!
Soon on this site you will see a video of me destroying my ADSL modem/router. My mate Dougie is getting another one for me and when he does I'm going to take to the old one with a hammer and much violence. Linksys made a dud model with this one and I ended up with a lemon version of a dud model. It's been nothing but trouble since I got it.

Howards End?
Will the `Oil for food' wheat scandal destroy the long reign of Australian Prime Minister, John Howard? I'm tempted to weigh in with an opinion but I'm suspicious of what I've read so far (what? An objective commentry from David Marr? Pfft! You might as well get Piers Ackermann to write something non partisan as well). I think the dust has to settle for the whole story to come out, but on the evidence so far it's pretty damning. It's the barefaced gall of the government and the AWB that blows me away EVERYONE KNOWS THEY'RE LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH ABOUT NOT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT PAYING BRIBES TO SADDAM'S REGIME! And yet they're going to get away with it.
Nothing will happen. It's staggering and evil - and I'm a Howard supporter! Still, you can't tell me Labour would have done differently if they'd have been in government, and that's the sad bit.
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