I could get hooked on this soccer stuff...

A quick clarification. I'm not a big sport lover. It bores the hell out of me. I could be reading a comic or a book or watching a movie, I just can't sit still for it. But there are exceptions.
I find women's tennis and some netball games on the ABC strangely compelling (in the shallowest possible way). I enjoy watching a good boxing match and love the `biff', drama and comedy that go with it. I keep an eye out on how the Newcastle Knights go but I can't stand to watch a game of League. Cricket bores me to tears, Rugby, Golf, I could go on.

I enjoy the skills and athleticism of Aussie Rules even though I don't understand the scoring.Soccer? Until last night I've never sat and watched a whole game. I was forced to play it as a kid so I have a familiarity with it. I've even sat and watched some parts of a game until I remembered I had to slowly cut my leg off with a blunt plastic spoon.

But last night was magic.
Australia versus Japan in Germany for the world cup. The first time a game of soccer has engaged my attention to sit and watch. Not just because it was Australia's first real chance in years. It was just a bloody good game. The Japs were so swift and fast. Like little swallows, darting about the field. But the Aussies were so skillful in getting the ball back off them each and every time. It looked like Australia were going to be trounced good and hard for most of the game. Japan got a goal they shouldn't have and the Australians played so well and hard but just couldn't get anywhere. Then , the last eight minutes. One after the other - POW! POW! POW! Three goals! One was amazing, two was astounding, three had us up on our feet.
It's good to be an Aussie this morning.
So this is what enjoying sports about? I could get into this.
(well maybe for the next few weeks)