Another one for the archives!

Hi fellow cattle botherer's
Here's my latest artwork, `The Golden Saddle Pony Club Monthly Meet', currently on display at the Newcastle Art Space. (How I hate the politically correct - art space?!) Anyway it's up there for all to see.

I put too high a price on it at the exhibition (I'm not good with thinking about numbers and stuff. I tend to get awkward and hot faced), but for those interested, a framed digital print on canvas can be yours for $500.00. Pretty reasonable I reckon. Just email me and we'll set it up.

I've been off air for the past few weeks due to my computer dying but all is back to normal again and if you're Austrian or American and wondering why you haven't heard from me...that's why. Well, time to go. I'm off to see the new Pirates of the Carribean fillum at the pictures. Byefonow!