Bloody Jews!

Ahh Bugger `em! I’m sick of them. Who? Israel, Israeli’s. I guess many Jews reading this would tar me as a racist, anti-Semite and `friend of Mel’ etc. It’s their biggest threat. If you don’t agree with us you must be a racist and anti-Semite. Frankly, I don’t care what they say; bring it on...although I do like Mel. But I don’t criticize Jews as a whole, except those idiots who can’t separate Jewish-ness and Zionism. To use their terms, I really wasn’t an anti-Semite until this whole mess with bombing the crap out of Lebanon started up. Until that time I took the stance that both sides were to blame (Israeli and Palestinian) and I still do.

I admit to being an armchair expert…actually more of a lazy guy on a comfy couch with a beer in my hand expert. My angle is that the whole mess comes down to thinking. You have two groups of people who deal in absolutes. Their thinking seems to be black and white, and they hold grudges. For a really long time! No wonder they strung Jesus up. What?! Forgive and love your enemies?! That’ll never fly, nail him up! And that’s it as well. So much angst over things that happened in the past. Move on people! Accept that your country isn’t perfect, acknowledge that when modern Israel was created you dispossessed another people of its nation and accommodate them. They have every right to be angry about it. And get over the bloody Holocaust! Hitler killed six million Jews and yes it was terrible and tragic but so is what you’re doing now in its name. Stalin killed 60 million or so Russians! Now in proportion, do you hear them carrying on about it all these years on? No. Move on you whinging buggers.

`But they send in suicide bombers and kill our people in pizza shops!’
Well what do you expect you dickheads?! They’re a humiliated, poor and dispossessed people who are angry at you, a wealthy nation with the latest people killing technologies and tactics! How else can they make you hurt? For god’s sake, these people have nothing else left to hurt you with than themselves! How can anyone be so glib and self-righteous about that? I think Israeli’s should put down the Talmud for a moment and read a bit of Buddha. If someone is critical of you, don’t dismiss them out of hand. They may be right!

And now Israel is doing the same with Lebanon and it can’t understand why the rest of the world is so pissed off with it. Well Durrrr! Israel had two soldiers kidnapped and three killed in what Hezbollah called a pretty routine sort of incursion. Their bad. I’m not privy to all of the machinations that are going on but I know that Hezbollah is supported financially, morally and actively by Iran and Syria. Very naughty governments.

From what I can see here on the couch, there’s more to this than getting back at Hezbollah. Israel needs to be cleverer than it is. A bit more lateral thinking is required rather than childish knee jerk overreactions. The place is run by adults isn’t it?

They never learn. Israel in its own stupidity has turned Hezbollah into Ned Kelly. At first everyone, although not happy with Israel’s over reaction, seemed to at least acknowledge that Hezbollah were very naughty and needed to be taken out of the equation. But the tide is turning. Israel bombs and murders (there is no other word) innocent people and families. The UN is about as effective as tepid dishwater but even they don’t deserve to be bombed as they were last week by the Israeli’s. And Hezbollah, with the backing of Iran and Syria, continues to fight back. And the perception of them changes. A terrorist organization is being now thought of as protectors of the oppressed, the underdog fighting back. Way to go Israel. Brilliant. What amazing strategic minds you have working for you. Are they on exchange from the Pentagon? How can you fight something that is so entwined within the Lebanese community? Thinking of and attacking Hezbollah like it’s an army is just plain stupid. Hezbollah, from what I’ve learnt, is a part of life in Lebanon. How do you fight that? Not the way the Israeli’s are that much is certain.

And so goes my argument. New thinking. Israel has to stop and think and rethink. Continuing on the path its going is leading to nowhere good. Sadly though, something cataclysmic and evil will have to take place for Israel to listen and change it’s thinking.
An even sadder thought is how naïve I may be in thinking that something like that will change their thinking and that’s not a good thought.
I think I’ve just given myself a headache.
I’m going back to the couch – get me a beer willya?
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