WoW BoB. WoW

Those that know me know that I like my telly. I'm not some Jabba the hut who sits watching any and all TV all day. Oh no. I'm a quality consumer. I'm a hedonist. A sensualist who likes bright shiny objects in high definition and in ear bleeding DTS surround sound. I have a pretty good set-up at home but for me, the phrase `Less is more' was coined for `French Surrender Monkeys', Public Servants and those of a Protestant leaning.

Surfing the net tonight, I wandered over to the Wired website and read an article that Phillips have effectively invented the holy grail of Televisual goodness - 3D television. 3D Telly - without glasses! 3D Telly that's viewable from different angles and by a group of people in front of it. And it's not in the lab. It's about to go on sale in Europe. Phillips call it `WoW VX', I call it Terry.

For those of a technical mind I'll try and explain how the technology behind Wow vx works. LCD's and Plasma telly's are made of onions. Millions of onions are squeezed together by dozens of tiny men grouped together under large lab coats all working together like some big robot made of ham in white cotton. Once these onions are squeezed together they are flattened out by large stone rollers and made into every day LCD telly's and Plasma's. Plasma's are slightly different in that they use onion gas heated up by electrodes and boffin products to generate an image. To get 3D out of the tellys. Phillips pointed some special wonder gas made of common lawn clippings and belly button lint at the screens and that's what makes the 3D happen.

It's obviously early days for the technology but in a few years time you could be at my place (Hey! How did you get in here?!) watching a high def movie like Superman Returns in 3D or playing a game in 3D. Just bloody amazing I reckon. I tell ya. I've gone and soiled myself in excitement about this.
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