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Hello fellow Treadmill enthusiasts.
Here's some work I've been doing for `Little Green Frog Marketing'.
They're illustrations for a local company called `Humanomics' who do pre-employment testing of potential staff for companies and employers. These pics will be used in brochures, DVD promo artwork and posters for the company. Later I'll be putting up the final sketches for my childrens book.

I'm at an interesting place with that. I've only a few pics to do to finish off the sketching part before I begin putting it together. There's a couple of pictures of an island that Bees and Prawns meet at for parties once a year. Well to my mind this is the climax of the book, if it was a movie it would be a big `boofy' scene so I've been going to a bit of trouble to make it as pretty and detailed as I can and I've set the bar pretty high. So I've done three sketches already that I'm not happy with. Hopefully the fourth time will be the winner.

Until then, enjoy these pics and later I'll put up some pics from my dear friend Rics Wood's wedding and a link to my new Flikr gallery where I'll be putting my photo's from now on.

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