The finalish book sketches.

It's taken a bit longer than I anticipated and less time than I worried it would, but here are the final sketches (well, until I decide to change something) of my childrens book;`Mr Shiny has Stories - How Prawns and Bees became best friends'.

Now it's onto rendering them and laying them out for publishing.
I kind of like that it's taking me a little while to do now because I've seen some other books and poked around in my top freezer for some different ideas that I think will look pretty special when all gussied up. At least it looks that way in my head.

Once again I'll put up a pic as I finish for you all to look at and whet your appetite for the finished product.

And this is all in reverse order as well. Not that you could tell as I haven't put up the text (well I don't want it stolen by the Chinese and used as an implement of torture against our own captured spys....what? It can happen.)
Now run outside and play.

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