My latest gadget lust...

Mmmm yummy. If and when Apple release a 40 gig (or roundabout), version of the new "ipod touch" then I'll be straight off to get one of these puppies. And don't think they won't. I reckon they're just tipping their lil toes in the water to see what bites.

I used to be an Apple...well hater is too strong a word, but they didn't impress me in the old days. They were expensive, proprietary, they crashed all the time (and don't tell me otherwise, I used a few of them at different work places) Software and hardware was difficult to get for it and they seemed very haughty and exclusive. But I'm a convert now. They're comparable in price to pc's (well, they run Intel chips now) Everything can run on OSX and the native Apple software from what I've seen is sensational. ie: From what I've seen I'd easily use `Motion' over `After Effects' (Just so much more intuitive, user friendly and still professional).

I'd love to get one of the new imacs but I really need one of the those duel quad core beasts for my work and yep, they're really expensive (I'd be looking at around ten grand to get one to my specs) but I've checked about and you'd pay the same price for a pc version...roughly. Ahhhh one day. I'd better get to work then so I can buy one.
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