Not for miners

This latest image I've made for the National Brokers Group I created in memory of Princess Di who was tragically made into a French tunnel support some time ago in Paris. Has it been ten years? Goodness, how time flies when you're totally uninterested.

What is it with these anniversaries of disasters and mass hosing outs of the gene pool we seem to have be having lately? We didn't use to - well, Anzac day doesn't count does it? But lately it seems like every month is the 1st, 7th or 10th anniversay of some fabulous nobodies tragic demise or natural disaster.

Damn, an image of the 1st anniversary ceremony of the Pasha Bulkar beaching just flashed onto the projection screen in my brain. Damn it! I know it will happen. You know it will happen. These tedious mediocrities in local government here will have a ceremony to remember how the nation and worlds media turned their attention to Nobbies Beach and they'll try and suck as much attention out of it like they're the children of divorced parents.

Still. I like this months pic if I do say myself...and I do!
Ross CarrollComment