Labour has another Craic at it.

The most well behaved boy in class became our Prime Minister today.

Last night, well after his bedtime (which is when `The A-Team' finishes), Little Kevin Rudd went to bed with the news that he and his `Yay Team' had beaten that Johnny Howard bully and his naughty gang of private school boys to become "king of everything in the whole wide world of Australia."

This morning he woke up ahead of Mummy (but not Daddy, he's with Jesus now), bounded out of bed, ran straight down the hall and into the front room with the `scarey pictures of Jesus' to see if anything had been left for him.

And there it was. A big, dark blue leather Box with a Kangaroo fighting an Emu in gold paint on the top. He opened up the box and inside was a sight that made him gasp because it now belonged to him. There was lots of red, shiny fabric and on top was a thick gold chain and on the end was a large, shiny gold medalion with the words
`Prime Minister' written across it and at the bottom it had been engraved to read `Kevin Rudd'. On the back was a picture of the Queen fighting the Kangaroo and the Emu combined in her own Ninja style. It was the coolest thing he'd ever seen and it was all his.

This morning, he and his sister spent much of the morning at the `Water Wonderland Milk Bar' buying lollies for all the kids and showing off his big shiny pendant and letting everyone touch it and have a hold for a while.
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