Don't hate me because I'm special...

...hate me because I'm just like you.

Wake up! Christmas is finished! You didn't get kissed at the New Years party and it's time to start another damn year again. Oh sure, we'd miss'em if they weren't around - but really now...would we?

Just to start the year on an oblong note. Here's a link to a chap in the world somewhere who has invited lots of different artists to do their own Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, artistic tributes.

I've gotta say, I like a lot of them. If I had the money. I would buy this one below just so I could give it to Sir Ian McKellan as a present for being such a lovely chap and a terrific actor. Another favorite is one with Spiderman using his webbing to amuse a group of kittens. hee hee. Lil' Kitty!

I think I'd like to do one set in an Aussie main street on a Saturday morning at a CWA stall with the Hulk asking Mrs Blanch for a tray of Lamingtons.
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