Freakoid Gadget lust

It won't be long and I'll be off to Canada and Alaska for three weeks holiday, (end of May)
Woo hooo!
But before then I've a heap of work to do.

Here are a couple more illustrations I've been working on for National Brokers Group. After working now for a bit over a month on my new Mac I can say `Yep, that was a wise decision'. No more Windows for me.

I've my Time capsule set up so I can back up regularly and once more be wireless at home. The next purchase will be a lil mac book so I can do presentations and work away from home...or in home but not at the desk - how cool is that?! Ahhh but talking about gadget lust is boring so I'll shut up about it now.
Go Speed Racer!!

Proof positive that sleeping with the boss isn't the only way to the top. Sure it's more fun...for the boss at least and you end up a humiliated mess of nerves for having compromised yourself and feel dirty and used...but at least you can buy food for your children and take them off the streets now ... or should you? Think of all the extra things you can get through prostituting your children? Go on you know you want to. Pimp your kids bitch!
Hmm, that seems harsh and somewhat off topic.
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