Canada/Alaska; DAY 1. `Wheer dud you gut the muney frum Jinet Frame?’

`My Dud gave ut to me!’ Here I am in Auckland International Airport filling in time till the flight to Vancouver takes off, enjoying my second long black and cursing that I didn’t recharge my digital camera batteries. Not that you’re allowed to take photos in Airports anymore but I almost felt like I was on the `100 Bus’ (through Mayfield) in Newcastle. Most Novacastrians will nod and smile knowingly at that. Yes, that was a very parochial statement but I’m sure every big town has a route where it seems there is a disproportionate number of people on board who seem somewhat loud and retarded. I didn’t think they let yobbo’s onto planes...still, they let the poms travel so anythings

Things I noticed;
I’m too big for Air New Zealand economy seats...I’m too big for seats at McDonalds so what does that say? Put down that burger? Pffft! What good will come of that?

Deja Vu. I’m sure I saw the same couple at Sydney airport that I did when I went to America in 2003. Either that or I’m having a wickedly strong Deja Vu thingy. Have the French invented a word for an experience of the experience yet?

He was elderly, tall and distinguished looking in an Aristocratic, rural kind of way. Tweed coat, big nose and eyebrows that could sweep cobwebs out of those hard to get to places in the ceiling. She looked at first like his middle aged daughter who’d never left home or the Scout movement (“dib, dib, dob....”)

I thought perhaps he could be someone famous. He had a very `Sir Edmund Hillary’ look about him but following them around (what? I was bored!) and sitting in front of them I realised he was the `Anti-Hillary’. A loud mutterer, rude to airline staff and he `talked in’ the pilot as we were landing in Auckland. `That’s a boy, pull er up now, good, good, don’t over steer. The aerealon’s are up. Arrr excellent landing, well done.’ 
But I’m positive I’ve seen them before. It’s that weird, tangible but not, kind of feeling.
The other thing I noticed is how disconcerting it is to hear the same loud Harvey Norman TV commercial in another country.
Better get to the boarding area. More soon.